Lindsay Morgan
Design is my passion - always has been. I hope my art will inspire you to chase your dreams everyday and not to let anybody hold you back. As Einstein once said, "Creativity is contagious, pass it on." I want to be that to you. Thank you for visiting my site! Hopefully you've been able to take a look at my portfolio and Etsy shop - I'm updating things every day! I use almost 100% of the sales to keep making unique things and growing my business! Your interest and support is greatly appreciated. A little about me - I'm currently in the process of transferring from Truman State University to Lindenwood this coming semester. I'll still be studying Graphic Design, but this move will give me more time to focus on my work and not let life's crazy happenings get in the way. I'm so excited to continue growing as a person and as an artist! I have the most loving, supportive boyfriend a girl could ask for and a beautiful dog child:) As far as work experience goes, I've had the incredible opportunity of working for a marketing company full time over the summer and part time from school. It's been a fantastic way for me to not only see what the marketing world is like, but make a few lasting connections along the way. Here's to life! Stay inspired.  - Lindsay Morgan